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First off my postings are not book review articles. What I am hoping to do is provoke stimuli in relation to different novels. Yes I will be discussing books, giving my opinion about books and analysing authors, but that’s where the similarity ends.

In every novel, whether it be fact or fiction you will undoubtably come across a passage or sentence that grabs your attention. Maybe you think along the same lines as what’s been written, or maybe you feel inspired or angered by it.

This is my attempt to have a say, to delve into worlds that I potentially have no part in, except as a interested reader.

Come with me and share my journey.

Recently I devoured Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Eat, Prey, Love. I never read it back in the day because self help books are not my thing. However after reading, The Big Magic, by the same author, I decided to give it a go. Of course I enjoyed it, and leant a lesson along the way – don’t shy away from genres that don’t normally interest you.

Here’s what Elizabeth Gilbert wrote that I found helpful to my wellbeing, “I will not harbour unhealthy thoughts anymore.”

Don’t you love it?

Being the type of person who from time to time dwells on the negative, I decided to take her advice. She wrote about visualising a clean harbour, where unhealthy thoughts were not permitted.

Now whenever I start to self destruct, I say to myself, “Leaky boat, with black smelly fumes entering my clean harbour, get out, get out.”

And guess what, it works – it makes you aware that your spiralling downhill and. stopping is just a matter of altering your mindset – I will not go there. I will not.

I can’t leave you without giving one more piece of advice. Very important. Unhealthy thoughts have a knack of showing up when least expected, if they happen to pop into your head when you’re out and about, don’t whatever you do quote the leaky boat mantra out loud. It is one thing to to have a couple of negative musings running around your head, but another altogether to have people think your nutter, who talks out loud to themselves.

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