How to entice people back to the movies:

Make the tickets cheaper

Anyone notice the price of movie tickets lately. You can be sure I do – they are dammed expensive.

I took two kids to see Despicable Me 3 in the last school holidays. As much as I enjoyed the movie, it was not one I naturally would have seen. I attended for one reason only – for the children. They needed an adult to take them. By the time I bought the tickets, and two ice creams, I’d spent nearly $50. That’s a lot of money for not even two hours of entertainment.

The expense is ridiculous. I understand that the movie theatres need upgrading every now and then, new seats, wider screens, and state-of-the-art Dolby Atmos sound systems, just to name a few. I also understand that to cover the costs of these works, we patrons need to dig into our pockets – regardless of this I still feel that we are being ripped off.

People are not going to the movies as much as they use to and the reason behind why not, needs to be looked at.

Are people not attending because they have home theatres in their houses, are people not attending because they are downloading/streaming movies, are people not attending because they’re pirating instead, or are people not attending because it’s just too expensive.

I’d say yes to all those points.

I saw a movie last week and before the show started I did a quick inspection of my surroundings. Besides myself there were nine other people present. I guess when the clientele are being charged $21, they don’t want to waste their money.

My preferred day to see a movie is on cheep Tuesday, when I’m only charged $12. The problem is, not only is it my preferred day, but everyone else’s – sometimes the theatre is so packed I can’t even buy a seat ticket. Cheep Tuesday is also popular with young teenagers of fourteen or so – it is the one day of week when they don’t have to pay adult ticket prices.

The situation speaks for itself, people are not willing to pay the big bucks.

My solution to entice people back to the movies, is to make the tickets cheaper. Instead of charging $21, charge $15.

My solution to entice people back to the movies is to allow parents with young children to pay half price – they are not there for their own enjoyment.

My solution to entice people back to the movies is for 14-year-olds to pay the same amount that a child would, they are not technically adults until they are 18.

So I say this to the greedy senior executives who operate these movie theatres, stop treating your patrons like a bunch of idiots, lower your prices and get those -

Bums back on seats

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break