A gift is a gift is a gift. Yes, Christmas has rolled around again and we only have days to buy the perfect present for that special someone in our lives.

Sometimes people cut to the chase and tell you what they want. Other times they leave it up to you to decide. This act is often fraught with difficulty. What do you buy for the person who has everything?

There is nothing worse than opening a present which fails to excite. That might be a bit of an exaggeration… there are a millions things worse, but if your husband gives you a lousy pair pair of socks every Christmas (year after year) it’s not going to do much for your relationship.

Below are a list of Christmas gifts that are great for giving. Beware they come with both pros and cons.

Gift 1 – A book or a Book Voucher.

This is a wonderful gift because it connects people together through the art of storytelling. A book also leads the reader on a journey that can educate and thrill.

The tricky thing about giving a book is you can easily get it wrong. It’s no use buying a Stephen King novel for your fourteen-year-old nephew if he is afraid of the dark and has vivid nightmares about scary zombies.

Tip – Stick to what a person likes or alternatively give them a book voucher so they can choose themselves.

Gift 2 – Magazine Subscription.

I once received a cooking magazine subscription for Christmas. It was super cool. Every month for a year the magazine showed up in my letterbox. It was like a Christmas present that kept giving and giving and giving. Not only did I enjoy looking at the pictures and reading the articles and recipes, it was also a nice way to bring family and friends together and impress them with my culinary skills.

There are heaps of magazine subscriptions out there, all you need to do is find the one that suits the receiver. Be careful though just because a person says they once watched the Formula 1 doesn’t mean they want a car racing magazine on the doorstep every four weeks.

Gift 3 – Soap.

This is the great present for someone you’re not close with, like your daughter’s school teacher or the nurse in your mum’s retirement village. Let’s face it sooner or later all of us need to bath. Soap no matter what, will always be used.

TAKE HEED – the soap present comes with a warning, the person your giving it to might have eczema, and if that’s the case they might prefer the book voucher.

Gift 4 – Chocolate

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Apparently Johnny Depp. I once heard him say so in an interview, but let’s not worry about him. He’s so wealthy he doesn’t need presents. Chocolate in my opinion is a gift that makes most of us smile. Not only is it yummy, it gives you energy when you’re feeling flat.

Besides Johnny Depp, the only other people who won’t appreciate chocolate at Christmas time are those on diets… no worries, you could always give them a bag of carrots instead.

Gift 5 – Movie voucher

Everyone loves a movie, not only is it thrilling to engage in a world which is not your own but it also brings people together. Buy one ticket for a friend and another for yourself, that way you can go together. After the movie is over make plans to visit a coffee shop, so you can discuss the plot.

Sounds perfect, the only problem is movie selection. No one wants to have a rip roaring argument outside the cinema over The Addams Family and Frozen 2.

Wow, talk about pessimistic.

There you have it, my five Christmas gift choices. The best way to choose any present of course is to spend time with the recipient, find out what makes them tick then select a present based on that. You’re not always going to get it right but what does it matter? It’s the thought that counts.

For those of you who find Christmas shopping all too hard do what we do in my family. Pick a name out of a hat, duck down to your local shopping mall and buy one present to the amount of fifty dollars. I tell you it’s great, the whole procedure is done and dusted in ten minutes flat.

Now that’s what I call easy.

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