I am an amateur, but I am working on change…slowly.

There is a lot to learn. What I can’t understand is how people like John Grisham know how to write without undertaking any study,

‘I think I’ll write a book,’ and then three years later, there it is.

No training whatsoever. How do they know how to to create imaginative scenes? How to write in the active? How do they not repeat words and phrases. How do they know how to write in general, ‘

‘I think I’ll write a book today,’ they say.

I announced that sentence myself, and still have not produced a book. And it is not a lack of not trying. It turns out I am not as smart as John Grisham and simply don’t have the skills to pull it off.

Sorry for being a killjoy, I don’t mean to be. I agree with the points you made in your post, and I’m glad your own writing has been a success.

Writer searching for my big break