I did like your article.

I can’t say I either like travelling or I don’t. Travelling in my opinion is hard work…and getting harder.

These days there’s all that checking in at the airport on the computer (and you have to do it yourself…check your own bag in). Customer service is slowly slipping out the window…and it’s all up to you. I hate that it is becoming like that.

And then there’s terrorism concerns (which didn’t used to exist back in the day).

Travelling overseas is also hard work because you are not in your own country and have to keep your wits about you, be constantly alert.

These days I am just as happy to fly to a beachside location up the coast and sit on a deck chair and read.

I hope I haven’t put anyone off travelling. The above blurb is just my opinion and not to be taken too seriously.

Writer searching for my big break

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