I have read the book, watched the movie and read your post.

First off I’d like to say how different the book was to the movie. I liked this as I was unable to predict what was coming next.

The big change in the storyline was the segment about The Shining. I did not see see that coming.

Speilberg did it well too – those creepy girls (in the original film) standing in the hallway saying ‘Come play’. The running stream of blood and the ax swinging around.

I also liked how Daito wasn’t murdered as he was in the book. That was sad.

Parzival and Art3mis also met one another in entirely different circumstances. In the movie they met at the beginning of the car race. I liked the scene nevertheless. The big T-Rex chasing the car – very Jurassic Park.

Lastly I would like to touch on The Oasis. (The escape from reality). I honestly can’t say I blame the characters for looking elsewhere for a better life. The one on offer wasn’t that good.

I thought it was true to human nature that friendships would be formed (with other avatars) in the Oasis. I can also see why the characters did not want to meet in the real world. The fear of not being liked anymore was too daunting.

A question I would like to leave you with is – Are people in reality all that different to people living in the fictional Oasis.

Reading, watching tv, going to the movies – are they not forms of escapism. I guess if you allow yourself to slip too deeply into other worlds, you can end up forming a false sense of reality.

Bye for now. I noticed at the movies today that the new Jurassic World movie is on its way. I look forward to reading your take on it.

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