I hear what you’re saying we are always looking for imperfection in others to make ourselves feel better.

It works too, I have seen pictures of models and actresses in magazines not looking so great and I do say – ha, you’re not so perfect after all.

I do however think the top models have something special about them. Pictures of Cindy Crawford and Nicky Taylor always made me stop and look. But I could say that about Brad Pitt as well. So I guess I am not comparing myself to them, I am just looking at a person with above average beauty.

It is the models that we don’t know, the ones who have five year careers in the business and are then are replaced by younger versions – that I feel sorry for. Have you ever seen them on the runway with their bones protruding – not a nice look. Plus they are being used by an industry who couldn’t care less if they succumb to eating disorders or not.

Writer searching for my big break

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