I think after a certain point in life, people just become bored. If you have the job you want, the car, the house, the partner/marriage, and the kids. You have it all.

Then one day you look around and your kids are approaching their teenage years, and you feel like you have achieved everything you wanted – what next?

And there is no next, except maybe anther overseas holiday, a new car, a boat, or I know how about another baby…

Life can become boring if you don’t have hopes and dreams, that’s why it’s important to have them no matter how insignificant they are.

In my opinion it is always a good idea to place your dreams on what you already have – last year we went camping for our family holiday, this year when we go camping I am going to take the kids fishing.

Only a small thing – but such fun

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break