Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

I read this somewhat dark tale while on a summer holiday. I would have preferred to have devoured it in a creepy castle for added atmosphere, but no such place sprang to mind. Instead I made do with a deck chair under the blazing sun.

Anyway back to the book. I did enjoy it. The vampire characters drew me into their world, highlighting their loneliness, their depression, and despair.

As I am not reviewing the book I don’t want to spend hours rehashing the storyline, instead I want to express my thoughts on the horrors of becoming a vampire.

Below is fictitious account.

Imagine yourself in your pajamas ready for bed when suddenly there is a loud thump on your front door. You open it, and in bounds a creepy fellow wearing a black cape. He snarls showing two enormous fangs. You think about running, but he’s already latched onto your neck.

You wake in your living room twenty-four hours later with an insatiable thirst for blood. Unable to control the urge you head outside looking for victims. And so begins a murdering rampage which goes on night after night.

The media of course blow the mysterious deaths out of proportion and stories on the nightly news about a crazed killer (that’s you) stalking the streets annihilating everyone in sight, are shown with astonishing regularity.

So far guys…not much fun. There is only one thing left for you, death by sunlight. Frightened but with no other options you leave your house one morning just as the sun is about to rise. After positioning yourself on the driveway you wait. It happens quickly, one minute you’re standing there, and the next you’re on fire (ouch painful), then before you know it you’re a heap of ashes on the ground.

I ask you this, who would want to be a vampire?

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break