Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom

Four days ago I saw Jurassic World – Fallen kingdom. As I had not read any movie reviews prior, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course I knew the basics, big dinosaurs, sharp teeth, people being chomped in half – eaten alive. The goodies would survive…the baddies wouldn’t. There’d be some guy out to earn a buck, and another who’d learn a valuable lesson. What I wasn’t expecting though was the emotional pull – to actually feel sorry for the dinosaurs.

The original movie Jurassic Park showed how the scientists brought the dinosaurs back to life. During one of the first scenes there were some moral questions posed as to whether this was a good idea…but as the animals were already walking around, it was too late to turn back time. Naturally it all ended in disaster with many unnecessary deaths.

I am now going to skip to the fifth movie, so if haven’t seen it yet do not continue reading this post.

Some years later the island on which the dinosaurs are stomping around on is under threat by an erupting volcano. The question the experts are trying to answer is do we save the dinosaurs or do we leave them to perish in a sea of larva.

For me the only option is death. Think about all the problems the dinosaurs will cause. Not only will they eat each other, but any persons who happens to be in the wrong spot at the wrong time. Their bulk and size will destroy infrastructure, and they’ll probably tread on people. Lastly can you imagine finding them new living quarters, and then transferring them there. How costly. Also what a ridiculous waste of money. Why not spend it on helping the homeless or on cancer research or something?

Because the situation is happening in a movie however, the choice is made to save the dinosaurs. Some of the rescuers sadly have ulterior motives, and only want to boast their own hip pockets. After the baddies dispose of the good guys, they capture a small selection of dinosaurs, sedate them, then place them on their ship. Minutes later the volcano starts erupting all around, leaving them only moments to escape.

As the boat chugs away from the island, this one dinosaur, a brachiosaurus, wanders down to the waters edge. From his position he watches the retreating boat, howling and moaning…like he’s crying for help, ‘Don’t leave me to here to die, don’t leave me here.’

I tell you, I wanted to jump up in my seat and yell, ‘Go back, go back, go back and get him.’ I did not of course but it was a very sad scene and instead of wanting all the dinosaurs dead, I wished they’d saved them.

What a turn around, but I guess that’s the magic of movie making. How you think, and what you feel can easily be swayed within the blink of eye.

And to think this whole dinosaur problem could have been averted if the scientists had just left things alone.

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