Lets not worry about the language of fashion, when the general population can’t even walk into a shop and buy a basic item such as a jumper.

Buyers don’t seem to regard the age of shoppers anymore. They cater mostly for people in their mid teens to early thirties. This winter I needed a new jumper, I could not buy one. The sleeves were either too short, or too bat like. Some of the jumpers hung so low the top of my legs were covered and other jumpers were so short they did not even reach my waste line. And every jumper in every shop was the same.

Here’s the thing. There is no individuality in clothes any more, there is no class, and very little style. Nice clothes are usually so expensive that only really wealthy people can afford to buy them.

So I say this to up and coming designers – get out there, do the research and fill the fashion void. There is money to be made in designing clothes for every day use, at reasonable prices.

I will leave you with this. A friend of mine went shopping. She had money to spend but came home empty handed – ‘I would have bought something if there had been something decent to buy,’ is what she said.

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break