Sometimes a person starts going out with an abuser but doesn’t know he’s a abuser until its too late. Abusive people are sometimes obsessive people – they want you, do anything to have you.

You need to test the waters.

One Saturday when you don’t have any plans with the new boyfriend – make plans to see a girl friend – say to him, no you can’t come along but I’ll see you tonight…see how he takes it.

When you go the supermarket start up a conversation with the male attendant behind the cashier – Don’t be flirty, just conversational, ask the cashier what time he knocks off, wish him a happy evening. See how the new boyfriend takes it.

And here’s an important one – lose something like your car keys. Ask him to help you find them…check out his irritation level. If he starts freaking out with frustration, you might have a freaker on you hands.

If you are with an abusive guy it is easier to get away from him after a month or so…than it is two years.

This is just my advice you can take it or leave it.

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break