What a writer you are.

When I started reading your post your name seemed vaguely familiar. Not too far into it I realised that I was in fact somewhat familiar with your story because I had read, ‘Starving for Attention’ back when I was a teenager.

I hope you don’t mind if I focus on the anorexia for a while.

I have heard that the disease is growing worse, that children as young as eight are developing eating disorders. I know they have stepped up the education at schools, but still the percentage of girls and boys developing the disease continues to grow.

My personal opinion is too much emphasis is being placed on the disease, that the schools are talking the subject to death and nothing good is coming of it. Could it be that they are throwing so much attention at the disease that they are actually promoting it.

When I was a teenager I watched a movie called, The Best Little Girl In The World. I absolutely loved it, I went to bed that night thinking of ways I could start my journey towards anorexia, so I could be like Lori (the fictitious character in the story). The damsel in distress, the girl who gets all the attention. Anyway the next day at school all the girls were talking about the movie, I was not alone in my thinking either, I was not the only one who wanted to be Lori. Years later I read an article about Tracey Gold from the Growing Pains TV show, and it was that movie that set her on the pathway towards Anorexia.

The Best Little Girl In The world, was an Aaron Spelling production and it did nothing but glorify a very dangerous disease.

That is why I was so glad to have come across your post. The voice of the sister with anorexia, and what a voice you have, powerful and strong. I believe if we could get people like you into the schools, to tell your stories about it was like to be the sister of a anorexia, how the disease effected you, your family life, your day to day living, how you felt, it might throw a different slant on things. Less focus on the anorexia and more focus on their family and friends.

Anyway thanks so much for your post, sorry my response was so long.

I look forwards to reading more of your work.

Writer searching for my big break