Over the last few months I have been wondering about death and what happens to a person when they pass away. I know it’s a morbid subject but I am sure most of us think about it at some stage during our life time.

With hundreds of viewpoints it is hard to know what to believe. Some people say there is nothing afterwards – that you’re just dead. Other people talk about heaven and hell, and others who’ve had near death experiences claim to have seen white lights, tunnels, and all types of strange occurrences.

Until you die however you don’t know for sure. That’s what makes it so scary. The not knowing.

I personally believe there is a bigger picture.

Recently I was talking about ghosts and things that go bump in the night to a client at work, and she told me a interesting story which confirmed (to me) that there is life after death.

Below is an account of what happened.

Nicole (my client) went to visit her elderly grandmother who suffers Alzheimer’s disease. Her condition is quite advanced and she resides in a nursing home. As Nicole walked towards her grandmother’s room she was approached by a nurse who greeted her, and then said. ‘Do you happen to know if your grandmother ever knew a woman named Flossie?’

‘Not to my knowledge,’ Nicole answered, ‘why?’

‘At dinner time last night,’ the nurse said, ‘she kept saying her friend Flossie had been flying around her room.’

Nicole responded, ‘Sorry I can’t help you. As far as I’m aware she doesn’t know anyone called Flossie, or at least she’s never spoken of them before.’

‘Okay,’ the nurse replied. ‘We just wanted to confirm that first. The person who resided in your grandmother’s room before she did was Florence Brown. She died three months ago, two weeks before your grandmother moved in. She was a lovely lady, very popular with the staff. Everyone called her Flossie.’

‘How strange,’ Nicole said. Curious to know more about the incident, she approached her grandmother and asked her about it…but the event seemed to have faded from her mind.

Upon hearing this story, I too thought it was peculiar…

It is one of the reasons why I think there is something else out there…more then us mere humans. There are too many unexplained things going on in our world for there not to be.

Ghost sightings, deja vu, monsters, witches, fortune telling, aliens, The Bermuda Triangle – what’s it all about. All this unexplained stuff. I’m no expert and I’m thankful for that. Sometimes too much knowledge is a curse.

The only thing I want is to live a peaceful life and when I die, go to a safe, loving environment filled with people that made me happy here on earth.

Writer searching for my big break

Writer searching for my big break